The atmosphere of the carnival is captured in the English Ladies Co’s range of fairground themed figurines. Following the elegant Mask Seller, with her colourful masquerade masks tumbling from her arm, the new figure, The Puppeteer had been designed as a partner piece. Featuring traditional story characters including Mr Punch and Pierrot, The Puppeteer mirrors The Mask Seller in her style of dress and in the colours of the puppets and masks.

The rich deep blues of her gown show striking shading detail, skilfully designed by Master Painter, Dan Smith, whose long experience of painting prestige pieces shines through in this figurine. Skilfully modelled to show the smallest details – the texture of her hair, the ruffles of Pierrot’s suit and even Mr Punch’s frilled collar, this beautiful figurine is a wonderful addition to any collection.

Height: 22cm (8 ½ Inches)

Price 26000 

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